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LoveIsrael is an organization committed to preaching Yeshua and evangelizing people worldwide. While our primary work is done in Israel, we have expanded our ministry, and are now present in all five continents. Our online platforms, as well as our televised broadcasts, reach over seventy-five countries and over thirty million viewers worldwide. 

The Australian representatives of  LoveIsrael are Christian & Margarita Barrionuevo, who are also members of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of Australia, are the local organisers.  The the Messianic Jewish Alliance of Australia endorse this conference and encourage you to attend and please tell others. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn together from God’s Word.

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Saturday 9th September:

8.30AM – 9.00AM: Doors Open

9.00AM – 9.15AM: Introductions & General Announcements

9.15AM – 9.45AM: Praise & Worship with Joshua Aaron

9.45AM – 10.45AM: Teaching Session 1

10.45AM – 11.15AM: Break 1 – Morning Tea (catering provided)

11.15AM – 12.15PM: Teaching Session 2

12.15PM – 1.45PM: Lunch Break

1.45PM – 2.00PM: Praise & Worship with Joshua Aaron

2.00PM – 3.00PM: Teaching Session 3

3.00PM – 3.30PM: Break 2 – Afternoon Tea (catering provided)

3.30PM – 4.30PM: Teaching Session 4

4.30PM – 5.15PM: Closing Praise & Worship with Joshua Aaron

5.15PM – 6.30PM: Prayer & Ministering Time for those who would like to receive prayer

6.30PM: Event Concludes

The venue provides a “parents room” for those who want to bring their babies or small children. It is a comfortable room with seats, a clear elevated view of the conference stage, and sound speakers to still be able to hear the worship and teachings.

Children under 10 years old have FREE admission. We recommend for children under the age of 10, to remain in the “parents room” with one parent as it is a sound-proof room and more comfortable for little ones.

The venue is wheelchair accessible.

For any questions regarding the conference, please contact :

About the Presenters

Dr Baruch Korman is the senior lecturer at the Zera Abraham Institute based in Israel. His teachings are broadcast on numerous television networks in the United States, Europe and Africa. Many of his lectures are available in video form or in audio. Some lectures are written in Hebrew (, in English (, and in Spanish ( Baruch holds a PhD in Jewish Studies. His dissertation was on the translation techniques of the Septuagint. 

Baruch has been married for thirty-six years to his wife Rivka, and they have three adult children. The Korman’s live in Israel.

Joshua Aaron is an award-winning American-Israeli independent singer and songwriter recently listed as one of the Jewish Global 100 influencers. He resides near the Sea of Galilee with his wife Jeannie, and their 5 children, their eldest child now serving in the IDF (Israel Defence Forces). Joshua is the founder of “Gather the Nations”, an international non-profit hosting an annual conference, music outreach, and music mentorship program. Since 2009 he’s hosted an annual Worship in Israel tour, bringing cohorts of believers on an unforgettable journey to the Holy Land, from Jerusalem to his backyard, the Galilee.

His music, sung in English and Hebrew, blends a wide array of sounds including traditional Jewish genres reaching millions of listeners of all nations, and languages.

Joshua Aaron’s videos have been seen by millions yet, he sings to an audience of One. Listen to some of his amazing Messianic music on YouTube.

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